BOOK REVIEW of “The Slight Edge”



I have been a student of Personal Development for a while and I have read many books that talk about how ‘this ancient secret will transform your life in an instant’ or ‘meditate on the things you want and supernaturally they appear’. These books do not give practical, tangible solutions and leave many readers frustrated with only the author ‘growing rich and happy’ at the readers literal expense.

This book however is a rarity and potentially one of the best books I have ever read.

Jeff Olson writes this book in a succinct, clear and down to Earth way. He’s obviously a millionaire but what I particular like about this book is that he does not shove it down your throat ever 2 lines.

So what is The Slight Edge? The premise of the book is simple: There is an invisible force that is evoked with every single decision and action that we take, good or bad, big or small. This force is never in neutral so if we constantly make loads of good decisions daily, this will lead us to wealth, happiness and success in our lives or if we make loads of minor errors in our daily routines, given enough time, this will compound into financial meltdown, potentially poor health and general misery.

Common sense so far right? But not common practice! What Jeff Olson argues is that societies around the world have been bamboozled into thinking that success is this instantaneous, miraculous, mystical event that only happens to a select few lucky people but when you really take a closer a look at people whom are successful and stay successful, it’s the many, many tiny disciplines that they have fostered in their daily routine that have compounded over time to get them to top and vice-versa for tragic failures.

Olson believes that the reason why many diets are abandoned, businesses fail, relationships gradually erode is that it’s not that the actions are wrong i.e exercise and eat more vegetables but it’s this insidious ‘hollywood’ belief of instant results/massive action that stops ‘The Slight Edge’ from kicking in. Olson believes in a more measured, manageable approach by developing the right belief systems and disciplines will over time get you the life you want.

This book is as much about giving you that philosophy as it is about giving you the action steps. What makes this book so great is it’s simplicity – there are several ‘aha’ moments in the book and I found that it really challenged my belief system to why certain results keep appearing in my life. There are not many books I will read more than twice but this book, is definitely in my ‘keep referring to’ list. I have already seen some changes in my life following these deceivingly simple principles.


To be honest, I have adopted this book as my core philospohy since I have been learning to code. What used to frustrate me was I tried to put in mammoth 2 hour coding sessions over a weekend but do no work during the week and still feel that I was right at square one. Doing 30 minutes a day 5 days a week was a far better plan that made me feel less stressed and less guilty. It taught me that staying consistent was the key.

Admittedly after a long hard day of work, I still find it incredibly difficult to sit down and code but I know that small, consistent actions can make all the difference and it can help me retain a lot more information in the long term. Although there are many sites that promise to help you master ‘Javascript in 1 hour’, I realise that learning to code is a marathon rather than a sprint. This book is like that ice cold bottle of water that helps you continue the race.  I would highly recommend it to all coding beginners like me!

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