My Happiness Checklist

reading time: 2 mins

Operation Happiness

As I have been reflecting on my personal and career journey of late, I have realised that money does not automatically equate to happiness. Money gives you options but not happiness – I can only attest to my own personal experience (I will happily accept a million bucks from any of you guys! Private message me ok?). As part of my on going search for happiness, I created a small ‘checklist’ (in the loosest possible terms) of things that have brought me those positive vibes and seeing that it is #MotivationMonday, I just thought that I would share it with you guys!

Did I thank GOD today?*

Did I laugh today?

Did I send out positive energy to someone today?

Was I kind to myself today?

Did I do something that made me proud of myself today?

Did I help someone today?

Did I smile today?

Did I absorb something uplifting/inspiring today?

(*Or was I thankful today in general)

Even if I do get some crappy parts of my day, if I’ve done half of the stuff on my list, it makes he day better!

Do you guys have a ‘Happiness Checklist?’ Are there things on the list that you would take off or add?

Please share and have a great week!


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