My 10 Favourite Blogposts of 2016


I think that most people would agree that we are all happy to see the back of 2016…

Good Morning People!

I hope that you all had a very safe, fun and fulfilling Christmas! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all you guys that have read, shared, retweeted and liked my blog. This is my 30th blogpost and my blog has been read by people in over 40 countries – its amazing and I really appreciate all the love and support!

I just wanted to leave you with my 10 favourite blogposts so far. Most of these blogposts struck a cord with you guys and I also despite the down days enjoyed writing them! As always, thank you for journeying with me as I get into the world of tech and self-development and please share this post far and wide and hopefully it can help someone else!

1) The Simple Idea That Helped Me Learn To Code Better 

My most popular post to date – I’m so happy it could help people!

2) It’s Good To Dream…

Given the current social climate right now, we must still believe that things can get better and everyone can get a fair shake in life. Glad it resonated with people…

3) The One Hour Study Method That Drastically Improved My Coding

4) Book review of “The Dip” by Seth Godin

An absolutely brilliant book by Seth Godin and I talk about “The Dip” a lot in my blog – a game changer!

5) BOOK REVIEW of “The Slight Edge”

For me, this is the greatest Personal Development book I’ve ever read and started me on my new coding journey! Please read!

6) 3 Subjects You Hated In School But Will Make You A Better Person. Period.

7) Techdegree Journal 5: How JavaScript Functions Are Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I’m really proud of this blogpost. I was very shy of writing a ‘technical’ blogpost as I am still learning the ropes but the support I got really gave me the confidence that I wasn’t writing gobbledegook – cheers!

8) Book Review “Show Your Work”  by Austin Kleon

This book inspired me to write this blog. Another life changing book – a must read!

9) Code like A Rockstar: How Programming A Website Is Like Producing A Killer Song

I am a music teacher by trade so as I was learning to code, I started seeing a similar pattern when I created a professional quality song to writing a successful program. Any guys that are interested in music production, this blog will give you an insight of what happens in a music studio.

10) How To Stay Motivated When Coding Gets Hard

This is how I handle my ‘Dip’

If you have any questions or you wanna say something, please leave your comments below or tweet at me @karlwebdev.

Well this is the last blogpost of 2016! Have a great NYE and see you next year!

I am taking a short break so I will be back on Thursday 12th January!

Take Care!


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