Great Resources That Can Help You Learn To Code


Hi Guys!

I hope that you are well! As I am well over a year into my coding journey, I just thought that I would put together a couple of the resources that have really helped me progress on my path! It’s a collection of online courses, books and meetups (in the UK) that have been a great help! Hopefully they will help you too!

Online Courses

I can’t speak highly enough of these guys! is an online school that teaches a whole lot of courses to teach you to code and get you job ready at a reasonable price! They use a combination of video, code quizzes and have a great online community that will help you if you get stuck! I am currently taking the techdegree now and I have written some blogs about my progress! It’s definitely worth a look!

It’s a free online coding school that uses primarily text and code quizzes that teach you to code in a number of languages. What I have found great about CodeAcademy is that they walk you through a number of real-world projects so that you can gain experience. I use this alongside Treehouse and this has really reinforced my learning!


HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites and JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-end Web Development by Jon Duckett

These books are brilliant! Duckett does a great job breaking down the key components of Front-End Web Design which is HTML and CSS in the first book and JavaScript and jQuery in the second book! The books are gorgeous to look at and I have found them to be great reference points. Take a look at my review of Duckett’s first book here!

Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) by Barbara Oakley

This book honestly has transformed my learning journey. Oakley’s book challenges the assumptions that maths and science is a GOD given talent and that these skills can be learnt. Oakley’s book is about Maths and Science in particular but about learning how to learn. I have taken many of the ideas in this book and applied it my own life with great results! Read my review here!

Meetups/Workshops run free weekly workshops, regular events and try to create opportunities for our students making technology and coding more accessible to underrepresented groups. Now they have a number of branches in London and around the UK and branches in Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. These guys have been absolutely essential in my growth as a programmer and if you are in the UK or any of the other places, please look them up!

Thank you for reading! If there is any resources that you have found helpful in your path to learning to code, list them in the comments below or tweet me @karlwebdev!

As always, see you next Thursday!



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